Monday, July 20, 2009

Tan Lena chinese celebrity with 1/4 indian descent


2009 "fast girls" on the Lena area from Nanning to sing all the way around the country reached 18, and her unique appearance and essence of the wild disclosed to become the focus of attention.。 Recently, a group of Lena on sexy bikini network according to the exposure of photos on her bikini into the sun bronzed skin.
the "fast women," the final game after the first such evaluation of her, "very few people can be 'wild' to maintain this on its own unique temperament, on Lena is a special case."
From the start, on the Lena has been very clear about their position, "I was a small Yebao."
Has one-fourth of Indian descent on the Lena in a "fast woman" apart from the competition arena, there is a little secret, "power to all the judges", and she did, straight in the program made no secret of said, the players themselves around two male judges "a Corona."
This "semi-nude," according to some classic Marilyn Monroe "dress lift from the wind" feeling, which is to talk about art Lena sexy photo of a reflection of the road.

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